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Split up your MP3s with COOL MP3 Splitter!

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COOL MP3 Splitter allows you   to split up a large   MP3 file into smaller MP3 files!

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How to use Cool MP3 Splitter

How to use Cool MP3 Splitter to split up your mp3 file:

1. Choose a method
Run the Cool MP3 splitter, then select a splitting method.
For example, you choose "Selections", which means you can choose exactly where to split a track. Then click "Open" button.

2. Find your MP3 file
Browse to the file directory where the file is stored and highlight the track name you wish split up. Once selected, click "Open".

3.Then click "Next" button.

4. Add a breakpoint
Your MP3 will automatically play by Cool MP3 Splitter and you can scan and search it using the slider at the top of the interface.
Click "Add current time to to break point" to add a breakpoint to list. You can also enter the time you wish to break in "Input the breakpoint manually".

5. Doing the splits
You can keep adding new breakings using this method, with each new track starting on the time after the breakpoint.
Delete breakpoints by highlight it and right-click ,selecting "Delete this breakpoint".
Then click "Next" button.

6.Chosse a compress method
For example, you choose "Express", which means the program would create mp3 files without compress.Then click "Next" button.
If you choose "Stand", the program would re-compress the split mp3 files, which has better compatibility. And Fade in/out features would be availabled in "Stand".

7.Create the new files.
Click "Change" button to save the split mp3 file to a different location.
Once you've selected a location, click "Next" to complete the splitting prcess.

8.Check the results.
Click "View OutPut" to check the split mp3 files.

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